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By: Press Release

Thursday, December 01, 2011

BRP has joined with airbag pioneer ABS to offer their avalanche airbag system through authorized Ski-Doo dealers.

Credited as the original avalanche airbag system, ABS has been refining their product since 1985, and now riders can find one even easier at their local Ski-Doo dealer.

There are a lot of airbag systems being offered today and while ABS was not only the first, they are recognized by many as the best.

Their premium construction and long track record of excellent performance separate them from the rest of the packs. Experienced riders won't take the risk of a lower priced bag when their life might depend on it.

The ABS Vario system is modular and the owner can choose which components they want - just the airbag, the airbag plus a 15 liter back pack or the airbag plus a 30 liter back pack, just zip on the desired size.

Airbag activation units are also offered through Ski-Doo dealers to allow an owner the chance to test the systems as often as they desire, or recharge after using.

The avalanche airbag system works on the concept that the airbag's additional 170 liters of volume will likely prevent burial of the person wearing it, keeping them on the surface.

In practice, of the 262 victims that activated the system, 97% survived an avalanche nearly unharmed.

Complete details available at or your local Ski-Doo dealer.

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