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E-TEC Engines Won't Last



Dear Motorheadd,

Just read your article online as to how long E-TEC engines should last. Have already seen one with 500 miles on it that has had 2 engines rebuilt. This is not an isolated case either.



Thanks for your email!

I disagree with your assertion that this incident you have mentioned is not isolated.

We're watching very carefully to see how the 600 E-TECs are working and we have not seen any undue wear or problems.

You need to understand, every engine in the sno-mo-biz is subject to failure - even 4-strokes. If you have witnessed an E-TEC failure you have seen the exception - not the rule.

When we see a pattern of problems with E-TEC's we'll report it. Right now - across North America, we do not see it.

FYI - our 600 ETEC has over 2000 miles - no trouble. Our limited build 800 has 2275 miles on it and no trouble whatsoever.

Motorhead Mark